Color–the significance in jewelry

East-West and Western jewelry design features of view: European and American fake van cleef jewelry designer regarded conventional design inspiration source and logic very seriously, when it comes out of a design should be appropriate toad, a story that is clearly and logically designed concept.

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Meanwhile, the shape and structure is the primary consideration, decoration – color and texture, and other bits and pieces are placed in the second step to be achieved. Western emotion is usually direct, hot, catharsis is also changing. In the category of decorative art is manifested, is attached to the top of the rational form is content above, the performance of color and texture. As a purely decorative, then the pursuit of Westerners in color simple, but sometimes also very warm and wild. The texture is often emphasizes the use of change, natural, raw and without polish.
For Oriental modern replica Cartier jewelry design, whether it is in Japan, Korea or China’s modern jewelry boutique jewelry, mostly to the pursuit of emotional expression, interpretation is very attentive to the surface of the decorative effect. In fact, in the conceptual stage designer jewelry also consider the effect of the plane, followed just think one can be attached to these decorative styles. In addition, the color level is also very rich, unlike the simple and strong west section. There are more than one Chinese jewelry design, meaning that focused on creative ideas, often express good luck, happiness, love, hope, and so subjective.
Cheap or high-end, what is the distinguishing mark? In fact, the major distinction should not be material, but the creative design.
Internationally, the style in the first place, with attention to the material and not have to precious metals such as platinum, palladium, silver or diamonds and other gem emerald. Leather, wood, ceramic, stainless steel and so can be used, which broke the color and texture of the material requirements.
Of course, the shape of the design is the design of a very important part, but not all Fake Hermes jewelry designs. I think, in the future design, we can more use of color, the use of rich colors to express emotion, the interpretation of jewelry.
Color in jewelry design use
Most modern people buy jewelry, tend to be because of his personality, and choose favorite color type of jewelry.
Color is one of the important reasons for the US people wholesale Van cleef and arpels jewelry, and people buy clothes color similar with the changing time and space and changing.

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Impact of socioeconomic status on jewelry design

Dynasty was established early strength is weak, it is necessary to use a limited expansion of national territory, stable internal affairs, such as the development of all aspects of the economy, so it is natural to abandon too resource-intensive crafted style, artistic style bias Introduction rustic.

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Frequently in war, widespread poverty, jade industry also in the doldrums, the yield is small, but still no shortage of fine jade palace.
Dynasty mid national prosperity, economic development, social stability, natural style rear Wealthy downtown. The Reign of economic recovery, the development of handicraft greatly jade making it rise again.
Then Jade palace full of various temple blocks, all the major cities are thriving jade store.
Folk concept of reward jade craze, jade more versatile, furnishings, utensils, accessories, ceremonial vessels, idols, appliances, mosaic, etc., complete category.
Jade Qianlong period heyday, very fond of Jade Emperor Qianlong, especially for the Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties of ancient jade extensive collection, identification, even restructured.
Many old jade Qing court to change products. By the late national recession will return Introduction rustic art style. A war was underway between Chatham Road, internal and external, national economic serious setback, Xinjiang jade tribute completely stopped, jade palace decline, sometimes even stop grinding system.
Jade shop local cities, but also due to raw material shortage and economic recession gradually decline. Especially before and after the two Opium Wars and the Tai ping Rebellion, the war over the two rivers, the Soviet Union, Yang two ground just at the heart of the war, suffered the scourge can be imagined. Since then, as the Qing Dynasty jade would never cheer up.

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